The first certified according to European standards producer and processor of medicinal plants in Ukraine.
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        Among a number of ways to treat people, one of the oldest and, probably, one of the best, is herbal therapy.

        Medicinal plants can not only cure, but also help to support the body in good tone, increase efficiency, improve the quality of life.

        Medicinal properties of herbs have been known long ago and are widely used both in traditional and folk medicine.

        "Phytosvit LTD" was founded in 2007. The company specializes in cultivation and sale of medicinal plants.

        The company always attaches high priority to improving the quality of the grown and sold medicinal plants. For this purpose, "Phytosvit LTD" has its own accredited laboratory, which monitors the quality of raw materials and the production of phytoteas.

        We practice an individual approach to every suggestion. The basic business principle of the company is the civilized dialogue with our partners, which allows to consider the interests of both parties in the contract.

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