The first certified according to European standards producer and processor of medicinal plants in Ukraine.
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About company

        Phytosvit LTD was established in 2007. The company specializes in organic farming and cultivation of medicinal herbs as well as wholesale trade of raw materials (seeds, dried flowers, herbs, roots). One more direction of activities is the production of 33 herbal teas items.

        The main objective of the company is serving peoples health. The process of growing is conducted without chemical processing of medicinal herbs. At the moment our company rents about 1000 hectares of fertile lands. Total sown areas are located in ecologically clean area of the forest-steppe zone, far from industrial centers and highways. The company passed successfully the certification process in accordance with the European standards (EU Council Regulation 834/2007 and 889 / 2008) by the Institute of Ecological Marketing (IMO, Switzerland). In 2011 the certificate with the specified status of cultivated plants has been received by the company: organic and organic in conversion period.

The challenges for the company are: production of high quality, friendly for the environment products that can be competitive on foreign markets.

        Among cultivated plants are: chamomile (flowers), calendula (flowers), echinacea (herb, root), lemon balm (herb, leaf), peppermint (herb, leaves), sage/ clary (grass, leaves), motherwort (herb), plantain (leaf), milk thistle (seeds), parsley (root), dill (seeds), brown flax (seeds), beans, soybeans, mustard black and white (seeds), rape (seeds).

        The company is interested in cooperation in the following areas:

  • Food industry;
  • Cosmetic industry;
  • Pharmaceutical and other industries that can directly use our certified raw materials for manufacturing of their products.