The first certified according to European standards producer and processor of medicinal plants in Ukraine.
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        Organic products - new quality of life

        Organic products - are the products of agriculture and food industry, which are made in accordance with approved rules (standards) that provide minimization of the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, growth regulators, synthetic food additives and ban the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). .

        For example, in general, farm does not use mineral fertilizers instant, and for pest control using physical and biological agents: ultrasound, noise, light traps, temperature, etc.. In livestock focuses on nutrition and serene animal welfare. Also prohibited are refining treatments, salinity and other techniques that reduce the nutritional value of the product as well as adding colors and flavors.

        Compliance with these standards is confirmed by a certificate which may be accessed by authorized organizations after the inspection. Proved that the quality indicators and consumer properties of organic products is much higher than "traditional" counterparts, which causes higher prices for it.

        Based on existing markets, Ukrainian producers often certified according to EU standards (Regulation (EC) 834/2007, 889/2008). Less common is the U.S. standard (NOP) and Japan (JAS).

        Organic agriculture is presented in almost all the countries, and the share of households that choose the organic way of production is constantly increasing. Market of these products is also growing rapidly, not only in Europe, North America and Japan (the largest markets), but also in developing countries. But the roots of the organic farms are located in Europe, where the development of this market is supported by legislation, but also due to the presence of a developed supplier base and customers who appreciate the environmental and social benefits of organic agriculture.