The first certified according to European standards producer and processor of medicinal plants in Ukraine.
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Herbal teas

       The domestic market for organic products is at an early stage. However, the popularity of organic products is slowly but constantly growing. According to a survey, 79% of ukrainians wish to have on their tables organic products, grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides and certified according to European quality standards

       Organic products (from the English language Organic food) - are the products of agriculture and food industry, produced in accordance with the adopted rules (standards), which include minimizing the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, growth regulators, artificial food additives as well as prohibit the use of genetically modified foods (GMOs).

       The company's products are grown on 1000 hectares of ecologically clean area in Vinnytsia region. Automotive and industrial facilities are located far from the fields of the company. Seeds are taken from the best plant specimens and tested in accredited laboratories in Ukraine. Technologies of growing and harvesting of medicinal plants are constantly being improved by the team of agronomists and technologists.

       The processes of cultivation and production at "Phytosvit LTD" are under control of the Institute of ecological marketing, Switzerland, and the raw materials meet the requirements laid down in the EU Council Regulation 834 / 2007 and 889 / 2008 from 08/06/2011 on production of organic products, which is confirmed by the certificate 100 469 June 8, 2011. The company is in the final stage of the approval of its products as organic and organic in conversion in 2011.

       Herbal teas under the trade mark "Golden Health Line" comply with the requirements of TU U 15.8-23060192-001:2007 and hygienic conclusion 05.03.02-04/43199.4.

       The company "Phytosvit LTD" has its own accredited laboratory, which monitors the quality of raw materials selection, the production of dietary additives herbal teas, issues the certificate of quality for each batch of finished products.

       Dietary additives herbal teas under the trade mark "Golden Health Line" can be found in almost all the regions of Ukraine. The products are represented in such pharmacy chains as "KONEX", "Galapharm", "Falbi" as well as in organic stores: "Organic Era", "Eco - chic", "Health Basket", "Green apotek" and others.